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It’s Not Just the Vehicle You Buy From Us,
It’s the Unique Experience You Get While Buying It!

Since 2002, 902 Auto Sales has been a trusted name for used car financing in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland.

Located in Dartmouth, NS, we specialize in helping clients who have a hard time getting car loans in Atlantic Canada. This includes customers with a bad credit history, slow payment history, or no credit history. If you have a good credit history, even better! We don’t want any of our clients to settle for less than what they can get. We work with you to get you the lowest rates for the car you’ve always wanted!

Words From Our Executive Director

“We always aim to empower our clients with market insights and knowledge, so they have all the information they need to make their decision. Each application is carefully reviewed by our tenured experts, who work with you to find you the right car at the right price.

With our strong financial connections and our experience in the pre-owned vehicle industry; we promise to bring you deals that save you money in the long run.”

 — Jesse Hatfield, Executive Director of 902 Auto Sales

Join the 902 Auto Sales Family

902 Auto Sales has been serving the Maritimes, Canada since 2002. After being in the auto business for many years, we have built a great partnership. 902 Auto Sales believes in second chances. That’s why we specialize in Bad credit dealerships, No credit dealerships and Hassle free auto financing. Our advice towards everyone prior to buying a used car is to, please check all the legal documents, market value, or unpaid tax which often other dealerships might hide from you. Our websites contain all the details. If you are ready to make your dream of driving your dream vehicle true, then call us or send us an email now! We are just a click away!

Benefits of Working With 902

Based on your needs, we can defer the first payment date for up to 6 months after purchase

We deliver the new car to your doors with a full tank of fuel, free of charge.

Before handing over we make sure that your car is in perfect condition both inside and out, ready for you to drive.

Earn $500 in cash for every friend and family member you refer to us.

We provide up to $6000 in cash back with your loan to help you improve your credit performance. 



Jesse Hatfield

Executive Director

Jesse was raised in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, and grew up playing competitive sports at a high level.  His competitive nature has driven him to push himself within his professional career.  From traveling the country to help other dealers optimize their sub-prime departments to finally landing with the 902 Auto Sales here in Nova Scotia.  Jesse has been in the car business since 2003 specializing in sub-prime financing.  On the weekends you can catch him rolling down the street on his bicycle with his homies. (aka his 7-year-old daughter and her friends). 

Josh Hatfield

Director of Finance

Josh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with over 12 years of experience from the automotive and finance industry.  Josh has traveled the country from coast to coast working with many different dealers, working large super sales, teaching dealerships of every size the ins and outs of sub-prime financing, and managed franchise new car stores locally.  Since starting a family Josh likes the new change of pace and building his dream with 902 Auto Sales.

Cody Good
Sales Manager

My name is Cody and I have been in the automotive industry for over 15 years From N.S to B.C and everywhere in between! 

When I’m not at work or helping raise my Son I enjoy riding my motorcycle or playing some ball with my Dog Koba!

Jody Dory
Sales Consultant

Jody Dorey is an incredibly friendly, experienced sales professional who can help match you with the vehicle you need and can afford.  Jody cares about helping people and is easy to work with; simplifying the process of buying a car.  Let Jody help you find your next vehicle.

Ryan MacMicheal
Sales Consultant

Ryan grew up with a love of cars and people. Now I get to talk about cars with wonderful customers on a daily basis. When you love what you do, it’s easy to pass on that enthusiasm and I’m confident that you’re always going to leave with a smile on your face regardless if you just made a purchase or not.

Brandon Lankester
Sales Consultant

Brandon is a family man dedicated to giving his daughter the life he had.  Brandon grew up a competitive athlete in many different disciplines competing at the national and international levels bringing that competitive edge to the dealership every day to work for you.

Cory Fearon
Sales Consultant

Cory is very thorough and always wants to go above and beyond for his customers.  He takes great pride in listening to his customers and paying close attention to even the smallest details. Cory grew up around dealerships with car sales in his blood being that his grandfather was the top car salesman in Canada for many years.  

Scott Huxtable
Sales Consultant

Born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Scott has over a decade of experience in the Financial Services sector.

He fights hard to make sure his clients get the best deal possible. Scott has experience in meeting the needs of a variety of clients in all stages and walks of life. In his personal time, Scott can be found hiking the trails of Nova Scotia with his dog (and best friend) Frankie.


“We do more than sell vehicles here – we continue to work with our clients and lenders to ensure our clients pay the least amount possible!

Cory Laidlaw
Sales Consultant

Corey is a family man that prides himself on the relationships and impressions he leaves with his clients.  If Corey could make a new friend every day then the day was a success.  He has worked within the customer service industry his entire professional career and really enjoys the challenge of meeting everyone’s specific wants and needs.  Corey likes to spend his free time on the golf course or working out in the gym or spending time at the lake with his kids.  

Pat Taylor
Sales Consultant

Raised in a hockey rink here in Nova Scotia, Pat is no stranger to being a team player.  He has a wide variety of work experience from the sales world to the construction industry, running his own business full-time for half a decade and back full circle into the sales world. One thing for certain is Pat is very passionate

about his adventurous lifestyle outside of work.  When he is not in the office working hard for his clients, you can find him on the river somewhere around Nova Scotia and beyond. 

Sales Consultant

New Member Coming soon!


Executive Greeter

Koba loves the water in the summer and snow in the winter.  She loves to go on long hikes with her mom and dad, chasing sticks and eating treats.  Her favorite thing of all is greeting every customer that comes through the door.  If you have treats or back scratches, she will be your best friend.

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