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Used Car Dealers, Halifax, NS: Competitive Deals on Pre-Owned Vehicles For Every Budget

Are you in the market for a used car, a truck, or a minivan? 902 Auto Sales is a used car dealer in Halifax that you can trust for a reliable and affordable pre-owned vehicle for you and your family. When finances are tight, we don’t believe you need to scrimp on safety and quality.

Since 2002, we’ve been helping residents from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland and New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island obtain pre-owned vehicles and auto loans at reasonable rates. Working with us, you’ll not need to search high and low for quality cars since all vehicles we sell must meet our meticulous safety and service standards.

From our Dartmouth location, we can find the lowest rate and competitive price for the like-new used car, truck, or SUV you want, regardless of credit situations such as a history of slow payments, bad credit, or even no credit.

Whether you’re interested in a Mercedes A-Class, a Dodge Challenger, a Hyundai Santa Fe, a Ford Ranger, a Toyota Sienna, a Honda Fit, or a Porsche, we have the volume of inventory and the quality service to help you drive away with the vehicle of your dreams.

Used Car Dealers Halifax
Used Car Dealers Halifax | 902 Auto Sales
Used Car Dealers Halifax

How We Work

As you search for used car dealerships in Halifax, sometimes you have the time to stroll around a dealer lot or scroll through online photos for the perfect vehicle. But all too often, the decision to buy a car comes at a rough time — maybe when you thought you could get another year or at least another few months out of the vehicle you already have.

At 902 Auto Sales, we believe that shopping for a new used vehicle should be simple, not add to any stress you or your family might experience. Our connections and experience allow us to help customers save money on used vehicles in Halifax without cutting corners on quality or service.

Unlike brick-and-mortar dealerships, we work by phone, email, and online — talking with clients about their vehicle needs, price range, and any amenities, safety features, or other items they require. We match them with the ideal vehicle from our extensive inventory, plus search for an appropriate lender to help them with the financing.

Just browse through the photos of our vehicles, or search through our selection of models and vehicle types (two- or four-door coupes, convertibles, hatchbacks, SUVs, pickup trucks, ATVs). When you’re ready for a test drive, phone us at (902) 406-6224, send us an email, or fill out our online application form to connect with one of our consultants about a finance plan that can land you behind the wheel.

We provide top-notch customer service, regardless of our customers’ credit situations. If your income is low, if you’ve missed payments or have bills in collection, or if your finances are poor because of medical bills or life changes such as unemployment or divorce, we’re willing to work with you to get you on the road again. We’ve also assisted a number of customers who are new to Nova Scotia or Canada, recent graduates, or self-employed with fluctuating or low household income.

Why Work with Us?

The process of buying a used car nowadays might seem easier because of the internet, but it can be overwhelming for many people. Type terms such as “used vehicles Halifax,” “pre-owned cars Halifax,” or “used cars Halifax NS” into Google, and you’ll likely see thousands of photos of cars, trucks, and anything else on wheels, but little about their safety record or how to finance them. Such items also don’t reveal detailed information about dealerships or their values, service, or community commitment.

Our Dartmouth dealership is known for its extensive inventory as well as its track record of outstanding customer service — and we have the testimonials from thousands of people we’ve helped over the years to prove it. Here’s what helps set us apart from other used car dealerships in the Halifax area.

Huge variety of makes and models

Our volume of inventory and our robust sourcing strategy means that we can track down any brand of SUV, car, truck, or vehicle you want. Just give us your search criteria, and we’ll do the work.

Used Car Dealers Halifax Area | 902 Auto Sales
Used Car Dealers Halifax Area | 902 Auto Sales
Used Car Dealers Halifax Area | 902 Auto Sales
Pre Owned Cars Halifax | 902 Auto Sales

Strong lender relationships

As a longtime business in Dartmouth, our dealership has established strong connections with numerous lenders, including Steele Advantage Financing, enabling us to find our customers the financing solutions that suit their needs.

Payment deferrals

If you need a vehicle right away, but your finances are lagging behind, we can work with you. For instance, we can defer your first payment for up to six months after your date of purchase. If you’d like more information, please phone us at (902) 406-6224.

Cashback programs

Part of our commitment to customer service involves not making poor credit situations worse. That’s why our dealership provides up to $6,000 in cashback with vehicle loans to help our clients boost their financial track records while they’re enjoying their cars.

Trade-in value

Want to trade in your current vehicle for the best value? We’ll research all the data to let you know just what your vehicle is worth so you can apply it toward your next vehicle purchase. We’ll even handle all the paperwork. Just phone us at (902) 406-6224 or send us an email message via the “Contact Us” link in the menu above to get started.

Free cleaning and safety inspection

It’s not enough to help clients in the Halifax community find quality used cars, trucks, and vehicles from our inventory, as well as affordable financing. We’re also proud to provide excellent service. We thoroughly clean and inspect each of our vehicles before handing over the keys so that customers can feel confident in the safety and quality of their new used car, SUV, or other vehicles.

Free delivery

From our location in Dartmouth, we’ll arrange to deliver your like-new used vehicle from our inventory to your door free of charge — fully registered and with a full tank of gas, too. How many other dealerships do you know that provide that type of white-glove service?

Referral bonuses

We’re proud to have built a dealership that Nova Scotia customers trust. Part of our way to say thanks to our clients is through referral bonuses. For every friend and family member that you refer to us in their search for a used car, truck, or sport utility vehicle, we’ll pay you $500 in cash.

Used Vehicles in Halifax, NS, Without the Hassle

Used car dealerships tend to have a reputation for a lot of hustle. However, we grew our business by removing much of the hassle involved with the process of financing and buying a used vehicle. Our values are straightforward: a commitment to service and our customers’ needs.

To us, that means providing a range of inventory without dubious promotions, hidden clauses or fees, or other tricks to ratchet up prices or extend a contract. Our professional reputation rests on finding you the vehicle and payment plan that fit your and your family’s best interests as well as your safety and your financial situation.

Pre Owned Cars Halifax | 902 Auto Sales
Pre Owned Cars Halifax | 902 Auto Sales
Used Vehicles Halifax | 902 Auto Sales

What's in Our Inventory?

Whatever brand name tops the list in your vehicle search, we likely have it — or we can get it for you. Our Dartmouth dealership has access to a huge volume of quality used inventory, including cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles from manufacturers such as:

  • Ford
  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge
  • Toyota
  • Mazda
  • Porsche
  • Mercedez-Benz
  • Chrysler
  • Mitsubishi
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Hyundai
  • Kia
  • Jeep
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo

Whether you’re in the market for an SUV, a sedan, a sports car, a luxury vehicle, or a van, we’re in the business of helping you find it. Ready to get started? Just click on “Contact Us” in our drop-down menu and send us an email message with all the information about the cars or other vehicles on your list. We’re also glad to answer any question you might have about our business, how we compare to other dealerships or a particular financing program.

Loans of All Types

Our dealership works with all major financial institutions in Canada, and we know how to negotiate for our clients, regardless of their financial circumstances. We understand how credit situations can limit the brand name, models, and loan options in your search for a new used vehicle. But our values and our commitment to our community ensure that we help customers find the cars, trucks, or other vehicles in our inventory that meet their needs with financing to match.

Over the years, we’ve assisted thousands of clients with unpaid debts, unstable or low income, or negative borrowing histories. Our dealership has established business relationships that enable us to help clients obtain auto loan approval with a decent APR for whatever vehicle they choose. Here are a few ways that we can serve you:

Used Vehicles Halifax | 902 Auto Sales
Used Cars Halifax NS | 902 Auto Sales
Used Cars Halifax NS | 902 Auto Sales

Good-Credit Car Loans

If you have an exceptional credit score, we may be able to find you an auto loan with an annual interest rate as low as zero percent. Before you search elsewhere for that special vehicle, just use our auto loan calculator, fill out our pre-approval questionnaire, and “Contact Us” via the menu above to see if you qualify. Don’t forget to include your first name, last name, and how we can reach you.

Bad-Credit Car Loans

We also understand that the need for a vehicle can crop up when your finances aren’t in order. But a bad or low credit score shouldn’t hinder you from finding a reliable car or truck from a volume of inventory at a reasonable rate.

Over the years, our Dartmouth dealership has worked with a variety of people that other dealerships would consider high-risk clients. Our financial consultants strive for excellent customer service. They can help you obtain approval for a low-interest loan program, such as Steele Advantage Financing, or through another financial institution.

We also have a cashback program that involves lending you money so that you can turn around your bad or low credit history instead of feeling like you’re digging deeper into financial trouble.

No-Credit Car Loans

If you’re a new graduate, a new immigrant, or a temporary resident, other dealerships may have turned you away because of no credit history. In contrast, our financial consultants can walk you through the process of applying for an auto loan for which you qualify and that will help you establish good credit.

You’ll need to produce all necessary documents, including a Canadian driver’s license and any immigration paperwork or visa. If you have a question about any part of this or would like to get started, just “Contact Us” using the link in the menu above, and we can move forward.

902 Auto Sales: Your Go-To Used Car Dealers, Halifax area

Because of our forward-thinking values and our commitment to service in the Halifax community, our dealership promises to never treat a client like a number on a spreadsheet. Our Dartmouth location has access to a vehicle inventory full of the brand names that customers want, and we can negotiate the prices and financing that suit a variety of needs.

If you have a question about a particular model or financing program, please phone us today at (902) 406-6224, or send us an email message through the “Contact Us” link in the menu above. Be sure to include your first name, last name, and phone number. Let’s talk further about how we can help you take home a vehicle that’s right for you.

Used Cars Halifax NS | 902 Auto Sales

No Credit? No Problem! - Check how much you qualify for

Our experienced sales team WILL guarantee you the best cars at the best rates.

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