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Car Financing

We Can Get Any Vehicle you want! We Are NOT LIMITED TO OUR INVENTORY!

Got a Car, Truck, SUV or Van you like that we do not have in our Inventory? We can finance it for you!

Types of vehicles we finance

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We Offer Car Financing for Any Credit Score

Whatever Your Credit, Our Finance Experts Can Help! Knowledgable, Fast Car Loans at Best Available Rates. We Dare You To Compare!

So, you want to get a car loan. If you think you may have problems getting approved for a bank loan, we understand. Our Financial Services Managers are experts at getting online credit approvals for people with bad credit, even if you’re self employed, recently divorced, or new to the country. Seasonal and part time employees, as well as people earning tips and commissions, can get approved today by filling out our online credit application.

It’s important for you to know that getting a car loan when you have credit problems is a fast and very smart way to rebuild your credit. We answer all of your questions, so you can understand how to fix your credit and get lower rates as your credit rating improves.

We treat every customer like a friend, and take our role very seriously as your financial expert guiding you to select a vehicle that meets your needs and your payment range. Plus, we are affiliated with most of the lenders which provides you with a range of prices to choose from, so you always know you are getting the best available payment and price.

You may want a no down payment (or zero down) car loan, or you may want to make your payments as low as possible by putting some money down upfront. Whatever your needs, we can tailor a car loan to meet them.

Please take a minute to tell us some information so we can get started working on your credit approval. We promise to show you care and respect as we help you join the growing number of people behind the wheels of 902 Auto Sales cars, trucks, SUVs, and Vans as they drive towards a better financial future.

If you have:

– High Debt Servicing
– Low Income
– Slow Payment History
– Credit Damaged by Divorce
– Past Credit Problems Due to Illness / Injury
– Limited Credit
– Self Employed Income
– Recently Graduated

We can help you. Apply today.

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