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Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad or Damaged Credit? We specialize in Bad Credit Carloans in Nova Scotia. Let us help you improve your credit performance.

Bad Credit Car Loans are no longer impossible! Credit damaged due to divorce or bankruptcy? Payment in the collection or slow payment history? Looking for a way to get car loans with bad credit? How to qualify for a car loan with bad credit? How to get a new car loan with bad credit? Credit ratings and credit history correspond to how reliable you are in paying back the lender.

A poor credit score may impact the interest rates at which you can get auto financing as lenders may consider your case to be a high-risk investment. Traditionally, lenders shy away from these kinds of cases as they consider these to be high-risk investments. This is why many lenders take the opportunity for a high return on this high risk and then commit you to pay an inflated interest rate due to your bad credit performance.

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Whatever unavoidable circumstances may have hampered your credit, there is nothing to worry about. At 902 Auto Sales, we can help you with no credit or bad credit car loans right here in Dartmouth. We have affiliation with all the major banks and financial lenders in the country to offer you a car loan even with a bad credit history and this also gives us the flexibility to provide astounding used car finance rates.

We have affiliations with many lenders that evaluate your credit performance on the basis of metrics such as phone and utility bills payment history, which allows us to offer you many options for choosing an auto loan and guarantee the lowest used car financing rates, even with a no credit history.

When working with you, our financial consultants will recommend the best practices to improve your credit score. We will provide you with a personalized strategy to get you approved for a car loan with bad credit. You will have all the tools you need to decide what works best for your future.

In the auto financing industry, many mediocre auto loan financers are waiting to lure you with bad credit car loans. Their interest rates will make a permanent hole in your pocket for years to come. We work WITH you and get you back on the right path and we also guarantee the lowest used car finance rates.

Evreyone is Pre-Approved.

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Poor Credit Score? We are here to get you back behind the wheel!

Bad credit history should not hinder you from getting your dream car on your driveway. We have a cashback program where we lend you money to pay off your bills and improve your credit score and this in turn also helps make bad credit car loans a reality. We also have a refer-a-friend program where you can earn $500 by referring us to a friend who is looking for a better vehicle or a better interest rate than their current one. Find out how much you qualify for by getting pre-approval through our 60-second quiz. One of our consultants will reach out to find you the right car.

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Our experienced sales team WILL guarantee you the best cars at the best rates.