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Mechanics Fort Mcmurray

Mechanics Fort Mcmurray

Oilsands Companies Trust Streamline Fleet Mechanics in Fort McMurray

Streamline Fleet is a reliable go-to source for affordable mechanics in Fort McMurray. At Streamline Fleet, we are committed to providing our clients with quality and cost-effective mechanical solutions for companies operating within the Oilsands region. Streamline Fleet, established more than ten years ago and his rapidly grown into the region’s most-trusted mechanics in Fort McMurray. With a fully-equipped 12,000 square-foot state-of-the-art mechanics shop, we’ve got the tools to get any job done right the first time. We’ll keep your fleet functioning at optimal performance and uptime with our maintenance and preventative, mechanical services.

Streamline Fleet Offers a Variety of Services

Preventative Mechanics: Wheel make sure your fleet is operating on safe breaks, we’ll provide regular oil changes (including lube and oil filters), and make sure your engines are running smoothly. Preventative mechanics are the most cost-effective way to keep your fleet safely and running at all times.

Body Work: Let’s face it, with all those vehicles in your company’s fleet, it can be a full-time job just keeping them clean. Your company vehicles and equipment are an extension of your business, and they should be immaculate at all times. Streamline Fleet offers affordable bodywork and weekly/bi-weekly/monthly carwashing and detailing.

Vehicle and equipment recovery and towing: If your machine gets stuck or breaks down, call Streamline Fleet. We’ll fetch your trucks, vans, heavy-duty equipment, or whatever else you lose and even fix it for you.

Inspections: Streamline Fleet Mechanics in Fort McMurray are fully licensed through the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) to provide annual vehicle inspections for your fleet. We’ll come to you.

Windshield Installation and Repair: Sometimes windshields and other vehicle windows get damaged. Streamline Fleet can repair or replace your damaged windows quickly and cheaply.

Transmission: Your vehicles need a transmission flush every 90,000 to 100,000 miles. If you need a new transmission, we can build one for you.
Heating and Air Conditioning: Our Fort McCurray mechanics are the finest in the region, and we can fix all things vehicle. Keep your heating and air condition system running smoothly, and your employees will appreciate you more. It is especially important not to overlook your heating and air conditioning needs if your vehicles are used to transport passengers.

Cooling Systems: At Streamline Fleet, we can fix or replace your water pumps, power-steering pumps, radiator hoses, and radiator assembly for you in a jiffy.

In addition to these many services, Streamline Fleet’s mechanics in Fort McMurray can provide engine maintenance, exhaust system service, tighten your suspension, hydraulic hose assembly, and much, much more. We are the most-trusted mechanics in Fort McMurray. Contact us today to discuss how Streamline Fleet can provide the best service for your company’s vehicle and equipment fleet. We’re available around the clock. See why our team at Streamline Fleet are the most-trusted mechanics in Fort McMurray. Call today!

Mechanics Fort Mcmurray

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