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Takeuchi Excavator Dealers

Takeuchi Excavator Dealers

Factors To Consider Before Patronizing Takeuchi Excavator Dealers

Takeuchi excavator is one of the most important construction equipment and as one of the leading and most experienced Takeuchi excavator dealers, we have a few tips for you in case you are planning to either buy or rent one.

Patronize only reputable Takeuchi excavator dealers

Whether you want to buy or lease, a Takeuchi excavator is a big investment. So, you must get it right. You are better off with reputable Takeuchi excavator dealers. This is because they usually do everything to protect their reputation. This is why they offer the best deals. Besides, they are also transparent in their dealings.

Consider financing options

Even if you have enough cash to pay for leasing or for outright purchase, you should consider using one of the available financing options as dropping off a huge amount of money can take its toll on your cash flow.

Of course, financing comes with some interest, what matters more is that the interest is usually paid from the profit on every construction project till you offset the debt completely. This is better than encountering paucity of funds when you need it most. Lack of cash flow can sometimes cripple your business.

At the same time, you should take the time to go through every financing option to consider their interest rates. This means that you should pretend that you are paying cash to find out the original cost of the equipment first.

It is then you will be able to find out how much interest you are paying on the equipment. It will also help you decide whether you should buy or lease.

Do you have storage space?

If you are thinking of buying a Takeuchi excavator you must have storage solutions. We often advise our customers to store their construction equipment away from harsh weather conditions. So, you must have a space where you can to store yours. If you have to rent a space may be you should also add the cost to that of the purchase cost. Is it more cost-effective than renting one?

You know, you only need to rent when you have a project on ground and after your construction project, you will return it. It is also important to consider how often you will need to use the equipment. If you just store it somewhere without using it for months, some of its parts may begin to get stiff. You don’t want to repair what you have not used.

Find out a rough estimate of its repair cost

If you own an excavator, you must carry out regular maintenance check on it so that it will continue to give you optimum performance and this also helps you to maintain its manufacturer’s warranty. Skipping routine maintenance can void manufacturer’s warranty on your equipment.

So, thing is, you should do rough estimate of how much you will have to service it all through its lifespan and add it to the cost of purchase. Is it cost effective for you? Don’t forget that you will have to repair it several times too. On the other hand, we bear the maintenance and repair costs of the equipment that we rent out because we usually ensure that they are in perfect condition before renting any of them out.

Takeuchi Excavator Dealers

Takeuchi’s Newest Excavator – The TB2150R

Takeuchi’s TB2150R has officially hit the market. This model is Takeuchi’s 2nd largest excavator, the TB2150 being the biggest. Compared to the TB2150, the TB2150R’s reduced tail swing design and fixed boom arrangement are what set it apart from its larger predecessor. Ideal settings for the TB2150R are:When you need more compact dimensions without sacrificing power or performanceRoad and bridgeworkUrban revitalization projectsLarge scale utility installationsGeneral construction Some of the main specs include:Operating weight of …

FR series Takeuchi Compact Excavators

FR series Takeuchi Compact Excavators Not all machines are made to work in tight quarters. You may have experienced this problem with a conventionally designed compact excavator’s wide working area requirements. Those machines often have a significant tail swing that prohibits working in confined areas which can lead to damage to the machine and work area.
Takeuchi’s FR series compact excavators were designed to help you work more efficiently in confined areas. Some of the …

Takeuchi TB2150 Compact Excavator

Takeuchi TB2150 Compact Excavator

The largest and most powerful of Takeuchi’s USA offering of excavators, the TB2150 features a redesigned cab that is well-appointed with comfort and functionality features.

EPA Final Tier 4 Emission Compliant
The engine is EPA Final Tier 4 Emission Compliant and is turbocharged. It features a dual-element air cleaner to ensure long engine life in dusty environments.

Versatile Attachment Platform
The TB2150 dual auxiliary hydraulics provide an attachment platform that is incredibly versatile.

Increased Track …

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